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My first shoot back after maternity leave and COVID restrictions easing.

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

My first shoot back after maternity leave and COVID restrictions easing.

I have been meaning to do this for a month or two. I've been so busy with editing shoots and my children. That I hadn't quite realised that time had flown away! I promise to get more on top of my blogging! Honest!

I was on maternity leave and then COVID hit, this stopped me from doing my photoshoots. I thought I would brighten someone's lockdown, with a competition on my Instagram page. This was to win a photoshoot with me. Alison entered and won a mini shoot!

Alison has three gorgeous English Setters, Dora (Tattersett Summer Madness) who is 12 years old and her colouring is Blue Belton. Hugo (Silmanhurst Golden Hugo) who is 6 and Dibley (Sunny Side Up) who is 2 and is Hugo's son. They are both Orange Beltons.

Alison first fell in love with English Setters when she was watching a golf tournament. One managed to run onto the fairway! Alison has owned English Setters since 2005.

Hugo is quite the successful showman, he has qualified for Crufts quite a few times! Last year he won 8 Best English Setter in Breed at shows. Dibley is also following in his dads pawprints and going to the shows as well.

I spoke to Alison via video chat before our photo session together. I got to know a bit more about the dogs as well as where we were going to go for our shoot. We decided to go on one of the walks the dogs usually go on, which included a lovely field and the woods. Dora being a little older had her photos taken at the house in the garden.

I have to admit I was a little nervous before doing this session, as it was my first shoot back after around 6 months off. I'm usually nervous before a shoot anyway, just even more so this time! I needn't have worried though, it all went fine!

Alison had to say this about our session together:

"Laura is very relaxed and confident in her work. She was not hurried and we enjoyed a lovely walk together whilst she took some amazing shots of my dogs. I have had many compliments about the photographs and would highly recommend Laura for canine or equine photography. It was a pleasure to meet her."

I don't just cover equine photoshoots I offer canine ones as well. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. If you'd like to know anymore then please don't hesitate to message me:

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