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In Talks With....Salute Equestrian

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

A few months ago I went to see my Sponsored Rider Kirsty, she is BA for Salute Equestrian and part of their Army. I'll talk more about Kirsty's actual photo session in another blog post coming soon!

I am now in the process of creating a series called "In Talks With" this is for guest blogging and getting to know a bit more about Brands and the people behind them.

You can find Salute Equestrian:

So to kick things off here Salute Equestrian:

There's a saying that 'from little acorns grow big oaks', and that's the hope of Salute Equestrian. 

In the summer of 2018, after a horse was fatally injured after catching its leg in a loose neck strap, many horse riders were fearful the same might happen to their horse and one such rider and trainer who had ridden in three-day-eventing before injury introduced her to the world of coaching, decided to try and ensure that wouldn't happen to her horse.

Focusing on quality to source the finest leather that was produced in an eco-friendly manner, would be hard-wearing and comfortable to hold, it was clear that this was not going to be any old 'oh-sh1t' strap.

Several prototypes were created to find the most versatile neck strap that could be adapted to suit whether the designer chose to attach it to the saddle directly or to a racing, hunting, anatomical or five-point breastplate. 

However, as the Click & Connect Neck Strap was created for personal use, it coincided with the FEI introducing a new ruling to ensure that a neck strap must connect to the saddle or breastplate it seemed that perhaps the design should be made available not only to the designer's clients but to a much wider community and Salute Equestrian was born to bring it to riders worldwide.

The response to the design has been fantastic as riders, grooms and coaches learn to appreciate that once fitted, it's so quick and easy to put on and take off without disturbing the horse's head. 

Additionally, connection with shoulder pressure has really brought the neck strap to a new training and performance tool, far beyond expectation.  Reports are that it's easier to encourage the horse or pony to stand quietly when mounted, it's able to give rider's security even in a forward seat when encouraging over a ditch or past a spook so they don't need to be in a defensive seat, and it can really help in training the horse to lighten the forehand and lift up from the base of the neck, and to control the shoulders in advanced dressage movements. 

Inspired, Salute Equestrian added the ability to choose to personalise the Classic Neck Strap, add some sparkle with Diamante, choose HI-VIZ for hacking enthusiasts and there's also Polo versions for the trend-setters. 

Since the launch of the website just over a year ago it's been a challenging time for Salute Equestrian, focused on quality and care, to build a reputation as a superior, trustworthy brand.  

The launch at Olympia Horse Show at Christmas really demonstrated that once in someone's hands, riders understood the £129.95 - £149.95 Ultimate Set price tag and seeing people appreciating the design really inspired Salute Equestrian.

That has carried the company through the Covid-19 dominated months we've all faced with constant surprises - for instance, Australia, professional male riders and stunt riders are proving the rider's most ready to Click & Connect, but also hearing stories of riders to have gained confidence, young horses developing beautifully and competitors performing superbly shows the Click & Connect really is 'What every rider needs, What every horse deserves."

With no shows to directly showcase our products we're in awe of our official Salute Army and numerous Click & Connect fans who are helping by tagging us in their social media posts.

Keen to support sport, Salute is sponsoring Horse Events and Moreton-Russell Events and has gifted prizes for The Pony Club. 

We're also delighted to have developed a partnership with Foxy Equestrian who have created a baselayer and hat silk for Salute fans to sport, and we've got some fun items for those still waiting for their Click & Connect to be unwrapped at a birthday or from under the Christmas Tree, including coordinating key rings, Fleece Colourbands to coordinate with your matchy matchy look, and lovely notebooks that are personalised to make great gifts. 

With one main passion to try and encourage every rider to Click & Connect to prevent any horse being at risk with a loose neck strap and to benefit from the extra functions it has, so Salute Equestrian is also looking to develop other innovations for the benefit of horse and/or rider.  

We look forward to showcasing those through our Army but if anyone has any ideas or would like to queries, we'd love to hear from you. 

Thank you to Anna at Salute Equestrian Ltd for taking the time to write this and you can find Salute Equestrian at:




More on Kirsty and her journey she can be found on:


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