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In Talks With....Hayfield England

This is the second blog in my series "In Talks With" where I talk to Hayley the founder and creator of Hayfield England. I had been following Hayfield for quite a while and absolutely loved the hats and feather pins. I'd not long taken Jess on board as a sponsored rider and for our first shoot I'd been wanting to do a country theme, well Jess did not disappoint! I was so pleased when Jess bought along a Hayfield hat and pin, I could actually get a good look and they are absolutely gorgeous!

When did you start Hayfield and what was the reason behind starting it and choosing the name of your brand?

I started the business in Jan 2017 after having a serious riding accident where I broke my pelvis in half through my sacroiliac joints (linking your pelvis and lower spine together) I couldn’t carry on with my riding career because I was in constant pain and I needed something I could do from home.

I came up with the name Hayfield as my office was on the side of our hayfield and also it’s the start of my name.

What was the hardest part about setting up Hayfield?

I started the business with nothing so, cashflow was the hardest part in the beginning. I also found it hard to find reliable suppliers as I knew nothing about business and how they worked. Sometimes I find it hard to switch from being creative to marketing, running the business and all the other million and one things I have to do.

Did Covid 19 affect the way you do business eg going more online?

We had all of our shows cancelled due to the Covid 19. This year was meant to be a big one for us. It gave me a chance to launch our website and push for online sales more, although we have always used Social Media platforms.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

Yes I do. I love the creative side and I love getting customer feedback. I work really long hours, usually 7 days a week so all the lovely messages we get, makes it all worthwhile and keeps me motivated.

Do you have a favourite product?

My favourite product must be the bespoke feather pins I make, they are all so unique and the feathers are simply stunning.

Do you have any products/launches in the wings?

We have done most of our product launches for the year but we do have a few new exciting Christmas products being launched in the next week. We will be launching our Candles and Baubles and they will be available on our website to purchase.

I'd just like to say thank you so much to Hayley for taking the time to answer these questions and I can't wait to see the new products which will be out very soon.

You can find Hayfield at:



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