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Collaboration at Godwick Hall

This blog is a little different as it’s about two photographers. We live around 40 minutes away from each other and we cover the same field of equine and canine photography.

Me and Abbi (Abbi Grief Photography) have been chatting for quite a while and we thought it would be a great idea to do a collaboration showing our different styles in photography. This is why you should look at the different photographers out there, so that they align with you.

We don’t see each other as rivals, we help each other..If we have off days we pull each other up, rather than down.

We all have those demons where we tell ourselves we are not worthy and we’re our own worst critics. It’s actually really great to have someone in the same industry that understands the day to day running of the business.

We had quite a few ideas about what we’d like to do, but settled on doing a photo shoot at the same location, which was Godwick Hall, the same model who was Jess Clarke and the same horse (April) who is owned by Claire Tink.

We both had our own ideas of how we would like to take the photos, so we took it in turns to direct Jess and April. I quite like close up detailed images, showing the connection and bond between horse and owner, which is where my f/2.8 70-200mm lens comes in as I can do a variety of images with just the one lens. I use a Nikon D5200, which I'd like to upgrade..My aim by the end of 2021!

On the day Abbi used her Nikon D750 with Sigma 24-35 f2 a which as you can see creates powerful and dramatic images, where you can get a lot of the background into the frame.

(Abbi Grief Photography)

As you can see from just these few images the styles are completely different!

What did as well was to take on of our photos, in this case we used one of Abbi's and we both edited it in our own styles. But you can see even though we both do like a darker style they are completely different!

Laura V Photography

Abbi Greif Photography

My best advice is to research your photographer before you approach them, to check that you like their style. Generally, a photographer will do a consultation before your session, will give both of you idea if you'll get along on the day of the shoot. There is nothing worse than not actually liking someone once you meet them! (This doesn't happen often, but some people just don't jell!) Message us before, get to know us, we don't bite, honest!

Many thanks go to:

Godwick Hall -

Abbi Grief -

Jess Clarke Equestrian -

Dutch Flower Parade in Watton - www.

Clair for letting us borrow April

Tom and Isla for helping get ears forward and holding things!

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