I have been passionate about horses all of my life.

I'm a natural light Equine and Canine photographer based in Norfolk, but travel all over England. 

I have been photographing for over 10 years, but until now I haven't had the opportunity to make photography my main focus.

I have a passion for equine portraiture and each session is tailor-made to you.  The sessions are relaxed and fun to make sure you and your horse(s) / dogs are at ease throughout, bringing the best out of you both. I love to capture the spirit and personality of the horse and the natural bond between you.  Photo sessions enable me to create a memory which lasts a lifetime!


My background in photography started when I decided to take it as an AS-Level and my passion grew from there. At first I was using film throughout my AS-Level and BTECH National Diploma courses. I then went on to university where I decided to go digital, which is what I currently use today. (I do miss film though!) While I was at university I decided to combine my two favourite things - horses and photography!

me and solly.jpg

Unfortunately I don't own my own horse YET!

I do have a horse that I share and ride weekly. This is Solly, she's 14.2 Connemara X and 20 years old!